Memory Upgrades – The Best RAM Cards

If you are looking for ddr3 ram 8gb memory for your computer it’s a good idea to look online first are some of the best deals. I just recently bought myself some memory upgrade for my Dell system and I’m happy that I looked online because the deals online or a lot less than what I could buy local store. Here are some of the best DDR PC 3200 memory sticks available online.

The Pny Optima is a dual channel kit. DDR 400 MHz PC 3200 desktop DIMM memory modules are some of the best deals currently available. They have a memory capacity upgrade that provides improved system performance and responsiveness. Pny Optima is compatible with PC 2700 and PC 2100 systems it’s fairly easy to install but you’ll need to open up your computer desktop in order to install it. The two gig kit PC 3200 Pny upgrade modules are compatible with systems from Apple, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, HP, IBM and a lot of other computer systems. It’ll boost the performance of the PC to its maximum capacity and Pny memory upgrades also proved to be an outstanding value.

Another good memory stick that I can highly recommend from a really good memory company is Kingston. The Kingston two gig kit 400 MHz DDR PC 3200 is one I can highly recommend Kingston is a leader in the PC memory industry. If you buy the Kingston two gig kit 400 MHz DDR PC 3200 the kit includes a one gig module of 400 MHz DDR desktop memory so you get two of those. It’s also has three 184 pin unbuffered dimms. The DDR module has also been backed by a lifetime warranty and free technical support so if you have any difficulty you can contact Kingston for any help you may need an installation.

Finally the last company I like to recommend to get the memory stick from his a company called Crucial. The crucial two gig kit is a 2gb memory stick DDR PC 3200 unbuffered it’s also and 84 pin dimm. Some of the technical specs on this particular ddr module is that the DDR timing on this is the CL 3. The dimm is unbuffered and as I mentioned before there are two one gig memory modules and it’s 84 pin. The speed on this is the DDR 400mhz so you get the speed of a 400 MHz DIMM module with a voltage of 2.6.

Any one of these DDR PC 3200 memory modules would be perfect if you’re can upgrade your system. Just make sure that they fit the specific specs of your computer system before you buy. Also if you are a have a memory stick and one a year slots make sure you buy the same megahertz as the of the memory stick that is currently located in the slot.

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