Penis Envy Psilocybe Cubensis

Penis Envy Psilocybe Cubensis Trip Report

penis envy mushroom cubensis shrooms trip report. Thirty minutes into the effects, bright visuals are coming on. You blink, trying to see through the puffs and lines of blue and red. Colours like blotches of paint are crawling on the walls and sailing through the air like rippling sea-slugs. You touch one, feeling the colour’s smooth surface. An orange patch floats by, this one furry to the touch. You’re having fun getting to know all the colours when a hand appears in the centre of the floor, growing to an arm. You shake the hand, asking it where it came from. A voice speaks from below the floorboards. It talks like an animal, spitting and hissing the words.

See Stuff Vanish Into Thin Air

You can’t understand, but it pulls you toward it. Just as you’re at your most scared, it lets you go, and evaporates into the air. Left in its place is a tiny butterfly with open wings. It crawls onto your finger, batting its bright blue wings playfully. You brush the dust of its wings with your other hand. It comes off like powder. You are sure it’s a sign, sure that it saved you from the hand that might have dragged you down. The butterfly chirps like a bird, notes high and shrill to your ears, but with a melody beneath them that fills you like a warm drink. You feel so full you could burst, your heart too big, too warm and kind to stay inside your body. You thank the butterfly for all that it has given you, and watch it fly through your window and into the night.

Penis Envy Magic Mushroom Information

CAP: P. Envy’s cap is 50mm in diameter, campanulate, and golden-brown to yellow in colour. The surface is dry with spots from the universal veil. Its white flesh soon bruises to a bluish green when damaged.

GILLS: The gill attachment is adnate to adnexed, and very close. It’s greyish in colour, maturing to a slightly darker colour in time. 

STEM: This thick mushie’s stem is 125-275mm in length, contorted and often bulbous around the middle. It’s pale yellow, with fresh bluish green bruising when injured. The annular zone can be distinguished on the stem’s surface.

SPORES: The spores are few on this Shroom, but are usually a dark purplish brown colour, and subellipsoid on four-spored basidia.

HABITAT: Hailing from Colombia, South America, this Shroom loves a good, subtropical climate. If it’s dung enriched, even better.

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