Which country is the cheapest gold? This question is often discussed on the forums by tourists who are going to go on their next trip and go shopping. There are several countries that have low prices for jewelry made of precious metals. Buying products while traveling to such places turns into a pleasant addition to the tourist tour. Gold price today is 3,774.00.

Many people, along with museums and historical sites, find it necessary to go shopping. After all, you can bring from the trip not only impressions and photos but also beautiful jewelry made of precious metal.

Who is at the top?

There are several countries that attract buyers with low prices for jewelry made of gold. The top 3 today include:

  1. United Arab Emirates.
  2. Singapore.
  3. Egypt.

The concept of “Dubai Gold” is familiar to many, even those who have never traveled the world. The thing is that in the United Arab Emirates you can buy jewelry in any large shopping center, in addition, jewelry is also sold in small shops in Dubai.

Residents of the United Arab Emirates are attracted to precious metals and measure their condition in gold. Even for a wife, a man must pay with this metal, providing the bride’s parents with a sufficient amount of jewelry or confirming their claims to the girl with bullion. 22K gold rate is 3,774.00.

If we talk about jewelry from Dubai, then they are of high quality, beautiful and inexpensive. In most cases, sellers offer to buy rings, earrings and chains marked 18K. That is, the product has 18 carats of Au, this sample corresponds to the domestic 750.

In the United Arab Emirates, one can buy jewelry not only in boutiques but also in the market. Here you can bargain, reducing the cost of the product. But, when bargaining with the seller, it is better not to pronounce the phrase: “final price” – this means that the auction is over and no one is going to lower the cost further.

In Singapore, buying jewelry is a good investment. The price of products can pleasantly surprise any customer. Jewelry can please not only its value but also with variety. You can find gold in various shades, from the usual yellow to pink.

Jewelry is not made in Singapore; it is brought from Hong Kong. You can purchase the product in shopping centers that are located near the business district.

Bargaining is also appropriate if it is not about boutiques, but it is worth knowing the measure. In Singapore, it is considered bad form to bargain and buy nothing.

You can buy jewelry in Egypt, but there are several nuances. Offers that sellers in this country can make can surprise anyone, but do not rush to purchase. The reason is that there are plenty of scammers in Egypt, they can be deceived in a large store, so you should not lose your vigilance.

Sellers often offer fakes under the guise of jewelry. They can deceive after the purchase, putting in the bag the wrong earrings or rings that the buyer held in his hands.

Knowledge of English and the ability to distinguish gold from fake will help protect from scammers even at the initial level. Some windows are specially designed for tourists, there are beautiful jewelry that, in essence, has nothing to do with precious metals.

And also a feature of Egypt can be considered the absence of prices, that is, there is no specific cost, the seller can name any amount, and the buyer must bring it down. Inveterate shopaholics are advised to bypass stores whose name is written in Russian letters. Prices in such boutiques are several times higher. But sellers understand Russian well.

Another country that attracts tourists in Turkey. Not so long ago, the fashion for Turkish gold hit Russia. Going on vacation to this country, it was considered bad form not to bring jewelry from the trip. It is noteworthy that the price of jewelry in Turkey was extremely affordable.

But not many people know that there is no gold in the country; precious metals are bought in other countries, most often in the USA and Germany. And in order to attract tourists and develop their business, the Turks often sell low-grade alloy under the guise of a noble metal. And also sellers like to give out gold plated with gold for gold.

It is noteworthy that the test is put here after the purchase of the product, while it is possible to put 24K marking on the base alloy. It corresponds to the Russian test 900.

In Turkey, it is better to buy jewelry in boutiques, ask for a check and study the appearance of the product. Feel free to look at the decoration under the lamps and use a magnifier.

Inexpensive gold items can also be bought in Tunisia, but it is advisable to study the certificate before buying.

We buy bullion and coins

An ingot is a profitable investment of money, a type of investment deposits. Gold in this form can only be found in a bank.

It will not work to bring an ingot from another country, the reason is that it will take a lot of time and material costs to transport it. Yes, and Russian legislation will not allow the purchase of an ingot that was not branded on the territory of our country.

So the acquisition of bullion in other countries has no benefit. Another thing is the purchase of coins made of precious metal.

Many auctions in the world put up for sale banknotes that are significantly higher than their face value. At the same time, buying a coin is considered a profitable investment. If a copy really represents a historical value, then over the years its value will increase.

The transaction is concluded through an auction, the authenticity of the lot is evaluated by experts, information about the buyer and seller is not subject to disclosure. After the transaction is completed, the auction employees only report that the transaction has taken place and announce the final price of the lot.

For five to six years, a rare coin can add half of its initial value. For this reason, collectors hunt for exclusive years and willingly buy them.

How to buy Au in Russia profitably?

You can benefit by making a purchase not only abroad, but also in our country. There are several rules that can help you buy gold for less:

  • It’s better to make purchases during the discount season;
  • it is worth choosing manufacturers stores;
  • a pawnshop is another option for buying jewelry.

Discounts and sales will help to buy jewelry at a bargain price. Especially when it comes to last year’s collection. When fashion remains in the background, and quality comes to the fore, this option will help to make a bargain.

Retailers make an additional margin on the product, often it is 30-50% of the cost of decoration. Therefore, it is worth looking into stores that are in close proximity to jewelry factories and factories, where prices are lower.

Handing over gold to a pawn shop, some people are in no hurry to buy jewelry. Therefore, in the pawnshop, you can find unique jewelry at an attractive price. Another option is to buy scrap at the pawnshop, re-melt it and order yourself a new piece of jewelry to your taste.

When buying jewelry abroad or in our country, do not lose your vigilance. You can meet a fake in an elite boutique or buy a quality product on the market. No one is safe from fraud, so you should not trust the sellers too much, but when you go for gold, you need to know at least a little about this metal.

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